SPX FLOW Power Team Announces a New Line of Single and Double Acting Heavy Lift Cylinders

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The new RGG and RDG series portfolio are designed to meet market demand for high performance cylinders requiring compact yet high pressure linear motion across a broad range of industrial applications.& lt;br& gt;

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“These new RGG and RDG series cylinders offer a wide range of available tonnage with many stroke lengths. Above all, this new family of high performance cylinders offer a safe and reliable option across many harsh industrial applications”, said Aaron Sztuk, Director of Product Management – SPX FLOW Hydraulic Technologies.

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POWER TEAM’s new cylinder platform incorporates four main design features:

• Patented piston design minimizes offset loading conditions.

• Patented swivel cap provides visual indication that load is properly aligned and centered to enable safe, efficient operation.

• Patented seal band technology provides lubrication to the piston rod to minimize friction and wear.

• Cylinder components feature POWER-TECH+ nitro carburization surface treatment for a hard, wear resistant surface resistant to corrosion and surface stresses for maximum life.