Universal Pump Cart

Technical Specifications

name of Pump Cart

Universal Pump Cart -

model of Pump Cart

Universal Pump Cart -

brand of Pump Cart

power team -

function of Pump Cart

With Wheel -

Capacity (kg)

90 kg -

wheels Size (mm)

305 mm -


PA60, PA64 and PA554 air/hydraulic pumps; PE55 series, PE183-2 and PE184-2 electric/hydraulic pumps; PE21, PQ60 and PQ120 series “Quiet” pumps; PG55 series gas engine/hydraulic pumps; and pumps with optional 5 and 10-gallon (19- and 38 liter) reservoirs; Numbers: RP50, RP51, RP101 and RP103. -

weight (kg)

12.3 -

Color group

black -

manufacturer country

United States -

product variety

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