I beg to inform you that Junior E-commerce Company is engaged in the provision and importing various industrial equipment and machinery, especially workshop tools such as hydraulic, pneumatic, welding, and cutting tools, from world-famous American and European companies. This company has also worked in cooperation with oil companies and refineries. Junior Co. is the licensed representative of a number of prominent world and gas companies. It deserves mentions that all goods sold through Junior are fully supported by after-sales services such as free installation and operation, instruction, and warranty. Power Team hydraulic tools, US made, come with tentative lifetime warranty which is finalized after having timely periodical maintenance. The goods are unconditionally replaced in the event of defects on the part of Team Work.
Our Outlets and Service Centers are as follows:
Tehran Outlet
Tehran Service Center
Asalouyeh Outlet and Service Center
Trade Office in Dubai, UAE
Service Office in Dubai, UAE
Trade Office in Manchester, UK